"MG Alliance", Ltd, Accounting Service Office

"MG Alliance", Ltd, Accounting Service Office

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    Consulting company "MG Alliance". Main direction of our outsourcing company's activities - is accounting services (accounting tracking, accounting services), for legal persons (outsourcing - all function or separate function management with organization by external specialized companies). In the future for successful business you are doing today!
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    Accountancy, Accounting services, Accountancy services, Annual audit, Audit.
    Annual report, Annual reports, SRS reports, Taxes, Tax consultations.
    Legal services.
    Accountancy. Accounting services. Audit, auditor, audit, annual audit,
    auditor services, internal audit and control, audit, legal services.
    Accountant. Company registration. Tax consultations. Tax optimization,
    taxes, tax planning. Accounting outsourcing, accounting services, advice
    for international companies, companies, (Russia, Lithuania, Cyprus).
    Accountancy, full accounting cycle, tax consultations. Document processing,
    (preparing) for new enterprise Ltd, (Limited liability company) Individual
    merchant, (individual merchant) small capital company, micro tax, (taxes)
    9%. Monthly reports, annual reports, tax accounting, VAT refund, representative
    SRS, bill payments. Business consulting in law by industry. Company's
    accountancy, tax accounting, financial accounting, financial accounting,
    financial consultations, financial activity, planning, finances, accounting
    management, Ltd accountancy, SP accountancy, wage accounting, payroll
    accountant, author’s fees, self-employed person accounting, self-employed
    person accounting, warehouse inventory, goods inventory, warehouse
    goods inventory, excisable goods inventory, accountant, accounting
    consultations. Consultations, consultations for companies, consultations
    Ltd, consultations SP, tax consultations, consultations for self-employed
    persons. Reports, declarations, SRS reports, SRS declarations, VAT
    reports, VAT report, VAT declaration, value added tax report, value
    added tax declaration, PIT reports, PIT report, PIT declaration, personal
    income tax report, personal income tax declaration, CIT declaration,
    CIT report, corporate income tax declaration, annual report, annual
    reports, balance, balance sheets, annual reports, operational balance
    sheets, operational balance sheet. Taxes, VAT refund, CIT refund, value
    added tax return, corporate income tax refund. Company, Company formation,
    company foundation, company registration, registration of enterprises,
    corporate restructuring, liquidation, international co-operation, registration
    of companies, registration of companies, changes in the Enterprise
    register. Legal services, lawyer, legal counseling. Commercial contract
    audit. Representation in court, customer's defense in court.